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4 reviews
This place is the best and has become my go to delivery spot for weeknights I dont feel like cooking - reliable & classic representation of Peruvian food. I typically get 1/4 chicken special with the fried rice, fried plantains and an order of pinto beans (and always request for extra green sauce)! The delivery itself is always on time with some of the most friendly and personable couriers Ive encountered in my 5 years of living and peeing take out in Brooklyn. Ive never dined at Chimu in person, but Ive only heard great things. Bravo Chimu! I look forward to many more happy meals from your beautiful gem of a restaurant.


4 reviews
Within a min of placing my order, the restaurant called me to confirm my allergies. I am glad he did this, I really appreciate that the business cares about their customers! Food got here on time and it was warm and everything was awesome! I'm a sucker for peruvian food...i love this place! I ordered a Jalea, avocado salad and a side of yuca frita. Everything was exactly as I ordered it!


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Brought the steak an spaghetti, it was recommended. The spaghetti came green.. but it was awesome!! Steak was Great as well.. also ordered the fried rice and half chicken before, I think this is now my go to spanish spot.. or Cuban spot.. either way :)


2 reviews
I dont get why they dont let me order for sooner every time I want to order it tells me next delivery 5:15 which it sucks I used to get food from them for my lunch :( but food is delish

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Top Reviewer
Chimu is awesome when they are delivering to my address. It seems like a toss up as to whether I'll be in their delivery area each day... which is strange.

Food is top notch though! My favorite thing is actually the ceviche de pescado. At first I was a bit skeptical about ordering ceviche for delivery, but everything turned out great! The ceviche here is one of the best I've had in awhile too! It comes with toasted corn, and big Peruvian corn, sweet potato and onions all inside!

The Tallarin Verde is also excellent! I recently tried the purple corn drink for the first time as well, and I highly recommend it! Reminds me a little bit of a nonalcoholic red sangria, with a little bit of a clove or nutmeg spice - delicious!


3 reviews
After ordering from a restaurant 10 times and never once being disappointed, it comes time to encourage others to give it a try. The food arrives promptly, it arrives warm, it arrives delicious, it arrives with a smile from the young man delivering it.. what more can you ask for really? When you open up a delivery bag and the steak you ordered is perfectly cooked, seasoned, and packaged, still warm and ready to be eaten every single time, you almost want to go apply to work at this restaurant. Well earned 5 star rating.


Top Reviewer
The Parrillada Para Dos is not just for two people, it can feed a whole family! I love that this place has huge portions of meat and are very generous with their great green sauce. There are two green sauces they give you (one more oil based and one creamy) and if you mix the two together BOOM! AMAZING! Also pretty fast delivery for the huge amount of perfectly cooked meat you get!


4 reviews
***The first time I ordered I got the 1/2 chicken and fried rice and I was NOT too impressed with the chicken.*** However I gave this place another chance today and got the LOMO SALTADO and it was TASTY! good taste. I ordered that and a side of fried rice. A bit pricey but I definitely enjoyed my meal. Would order again. next time I will get pollo saltado. they came quick too


4 reviews
best food ever!! they have so much of my money i love thier food I do not like the pesto pasta. It is green and kind of bland but the combinations are wonderful. the fried rice is amamzing the aguirlla soup or the green soup is fantastic. so good i made it at home myself and my family loved it. anyway order here please! give them business and keep them open!!

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